Multiparasitoid-Host Interactions with Egg-Limited Encounter Rates


To address the contentious issue of multiple parasitoid introductions in classical biological control, a discrete-time model of multiparasitoid-host interactions that accounts for host density dependence and egg limitation is introduced and analyzed. For parasitoids that are egg limited but not search limited, the model is proven to exhibit four types of dynamics: host failure in which the host becomes extinct in the presence or absence of the parasitoids; parasitoid-driven extinction in which the parasitoid complex invariably drives the host extinct; host persistence; and conditional host persistence in which, depending on the initial ratios of host to parasitoid densities, the host is either driven extinct or persists. In the case of host persistence, the dynamics of the system are shown to be asymptotic to the dynamics of an appropriately defined one-dimensional difference equation. The results illustrate how the establishment of one or more parasitoids can facilitate the invasion of another parasitoid and how a complex of parasitoids can drive a host extinct despite every species in the complex being unable to do so. The effects of including search limitation are also explored.


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