Invertase-lipid biocomposite films: preparation, characterization, and enzymatic activity.


The formation of biocomposite films of the industrially important enzyme invertase and fatty lipids under enzyme-friendly conditions is described. The approach involves a simple beaker-based diffusion protocol wherein invertase diffuses into the cationic lipid octadecylamine during immersion of the lipid film in the enzyme solution. Entrapment of invertase in the octadecylamine film is highly pH-dependent, underlining the role of attractive electrostatic interactions between the enzyme and the lipid in the biocomposite film formation. The kinetics of formation of the enzyme-lipid biocomposites has been studied by quartz crystal microgravimetry (QCM) measurements. The stability of the enzyme in the lipid matrix was confirmed by fluorescence spectroscopy and biocatalytic activity measurements. The biocatalytic activity of the invertase-lipid biocomposite films was comparable to that of the free enzyme in solution and showed marginally higher temperature stability. Particularly exciting was the excellent reuse characteristics of the biocomposite films, indicating potential industrial application of these films.


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